The Second Edition of The Shakespeare Book of Lists catalogs Shakespeare's life, his times, his use of language and choice of words, the best and most insulting lines from his plays and poems, the actors who have performed his plays, the theaters where they have been performed, and the videos, films, and spin-offs we have all grown to love.

The book contains every imaginable topic relating to Shakespeare, including:

  • Facts and myths about Shakespeare's life.
  • The top 10 songs from the plays.
  • Female Hamlets.
  • How to watch a Shakespearean film.
  • Some words first used by Shakespeare.
  • The most insulting lines found in his plays.
  • The bawdiest plays.


“As a teacher and fan of Shakespeare I found this book to be both authoritative and entertaining. The lists are addictive!”

Christopher Shamburg

“I have read a LOT of Shakespeare books (I teach Shakespeare and drama) and this book has information I have not found anywhere else.”


“I agree with other readers that it will probably make fascinating reading for people of varying experience with Shakespeare.”